If you have a PingOne for Managed Service Providers account, you can invite a new customer to use your service.

You'll enter the profile information for the new customer. An email invitation is then sent to the customer. You can configure the email that is sent. See Configuring customer account service settings. You need either to be a Global Admnistrator or Support Administrator (Read/Write or Read-Only) to invite a new customer.

After sending the invitation, if necessary, you can choose to resend or cancel the customer invitation.

  1. Select the Customers tab.
  2. Click Invite Customer.
  3. Enter the profile information for the new customer.
    The Managed Service Provider ID entry is optional. This is a unique identifier you can use for this customer within the context of your service (as Managed Service Provider).
  4. Click Invite Customer. An email invitation is automatically sent to the customer email address you specified, and the new customer is added to your customer listing.
    If you've customized an email template for your service, this is the template used. Otherwise, the PingOne default email template is used.