You can use more than one device to authenticate access to the PingOne dock. If your primary device is temporarily unavailable for any reason, you can switch to a secondary authentication device to access the dock.

You can add devices, decide which is the primary (default) device, update device details, or delete a device.

Note: This feature is only available if your organization is using PingID multi-factor authentication (MFA). The ability to add and manage devices is enabled by your administrator.
  1. In your PingOne dock, click the avatar menu icon and select Devices. The My Devices page displays, listing your current devices.
    If you have more than one device listed, the primary device is indicated in green in the PRIMARY column.
    You can also access the My Devices page during authentication. When authenticating, click Settings, or Change Authentication Device.
  2. To change the primary device, in the PRIMARY column on the row listing the entry for that device, move the slider to "ON". All other devices are automatically switched to unmarked.
  3. To edit the device details, click the edit icon to expand and display the details:
    • Device nickname. Enter the name or description for the authenticating device, as you want it to appear during authentication. The default value is the name of the authentication method, or the marketing name of the phone.
    • Device details. Enter the details that identify the authentication device (such as, phone number, email address, YubiKey, or PingID App details). Basic validation is applied to ensure the entry is valid and in the correct format. Changing this entry changes the authentication device. The default value is the value captured when authenticating the device for the first time.
  4. To add a device, click Add. The Add New Device dialog box displays.
    1. Select the new authentication method or device that you want to add. The steps for each method vary. Follow the instructions and complete the registration and pairing of your new authentication device.
      The available authentication methods are determined by your organization's authentication policy.
When the process is complete and the device is paired, the My Devices page displays. Your new device is listed in the last row of the table, with its default nickname.