You need to be either a Global Administrator or Identity Repository Administrator to add an attribute to the directory. For more information about changing administrative roles, see Editing administrative roles, permissions, and notifications.

The predefined attributes for the directory are SCIM version 1.1 core schema attributes. See System for Cross-Domain Identity Management: Protocol 1.1 for more information.

For more information, see PingOne for Enterprise Directory attributes.

  • Go to Setup > Directory Settings > Attributes.
    The attributes that are currently applied to the directory are displayed. A check in the Registration column indicates the attribute is displayed on the new user registration page. A check in the Required column indicates the attribute must be assigned a value.
  • Click Details for an attribute to display the attribute information.
    Attributes that are Complex data types are multivalued attributes. For example, if you display the details for the Name attribute, you will see the multiple values listed in the Elements panel.
    1. For multivalued attributes, click the Details button in the Elements panel to display the properties of the attribute element.
  • To reorder the listing of attributes, click Reorder Attributes.
    The reordering will be applied to the attributes on the User details page as well as the listing displayed here.
    1. Select and drag attributes into different positions within the listing.
    2. Click Save when you're done.
  • To add an attribute,
    1. Click Add Attribute.
    2. Select an attribute from the Add Attribute window.
    3. Click Add.
      The attribute is available when configuring the dock or applications.
  • To remove an attribute, click the down arrow on the attribute line and click Remove.