You can make applications available to your users in the following ways:

When you add an application to your PingOne for Enterprise account, you establish a connection through which your users access the application. The applications you add are then available in the PingOne for Enterprise dock.

If you are not using the PingOne for Enterprise dock, you can make applications directly available to your users through an SSO URL. See Add or update an application using its SSO URL for instructions.

You don't need to make all applications available to all users. You have the option to limit users' access to applications based on their group membership. For more information, see Managing users by group.

Applications are assigned to a default category when you configure them, but you can also create custom application categories that fit the needs of your organization. For more information, see Creating a custom application category.

Applications that you add to PingOne for Enterprise are listed at Applications > My Applications in the admin portal.

You can edit an existing application's configuration by expanding its entry on the My Applications page and clicking Edit. When you edit an application, refer to the corresponding documentation for adding and updating an application.