Reports return a one-time report of data using either predefined or custom reports. PingOne for Enterprise logs events per report type and retains the logs for 1 year. For a list of the available event data, see PingOne for Enterprise report types.

Subscriptions generate recurring reports of audit events for a report type. For example, you might create a subscription to the Administrator Login report type to receive the event data for each time a PingOne for Enterprise administrator signs on. A subscription can be either a Push or Poll type. See Subscriptions for more information.

You can view a list of users filtered by services such as single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA). For more information, see Monitoring service activity.

Your PingOne for Enterprise billing is partially determined by the number of SSO transactions in your environments. For more information about monitoring SSO activity, see PingOne for Enterprise usage monitoring.