The PingOne for Enterprise Directory supports user provisioning using the current SCIM (System for Cross-Domain Identity Management) protocol. PingOne for Enterprise Directory attributes are SCIM attributes.

Note: For Invited PingOne SSO accounts, you're limited to 5 directory users.
  1. Go to Setup > Identity Repository, click Connect to an Identity Repository, and select PingOne for Enterprise Directory.
  2. Click Next to assign attribute mapping.
    Currently, only the Phone Number field can be edited here. All other attributes are mapped to their default values. You can assign additional attributes after you complete the setup. See PingOne for Enterprise Directory attributes for more information.
  3. Optional: Click Add/Invite Users to add or invite new users. The Users page is displayed. See Add directory users for instructions.
    In most cases, we recommend you create the user groups before adding new users. See See Add directory groups and entitlements for more information.
  4. Click Finish.
    When you return to the Setup > Identity Repository page, a summary of the settings for your directory is displayed.
The new PingOne for Enterprise Directory is created and ready for you to add groups and add or invite your users. For more information, see Managing PingOne for Enterprise Directory users.