You can choose to run a predefined report or run a custom report by modifying predefined report parameters.

Create an 'on the fly' report to view event data information per report type, for a specific time period, or run one of the predefined reports provided. We provide a number of predefined reports for your convenience. The predefined report is based on a specific report type.

You can specify that the results are displayed relative to a particular time zone. You're also able to filter results based on the event data for the report type (such as, Action or Admin Id).

You can select which of the available event data you want to include in the report, and export a copy of the report in .csv format.
Note: The amount of data that can be exported for a report is determined either by duration or quantity. The exported data is limited to either one week's data or 500,000 lines of data. We will use the smaller of the two values.