We provide a number of predefined reports for commonly used data. You can run any of these reports without alteration, or modify the report parameters to customize the report as needed.

  1. From the Dashboard, click Reporting > Reports.
    A list of predefined reports is displayed.
  2. Select the predefined report you want to run. You can click the edit icon to expand and show the report parameters. Click Run.
    The report parameters and results are displayed.
  3. You also can modify the report parameters and run the report again for a different set of results:
    1. To filter results, in the Filter entry for the selected report type, enter the name of a logged Subject value and click Run.
      If the report includes more than one subject value, the report filter is applied to the SUBJECT_BY_IDP field only.
    2. To change the fields displayed in the report results, click Show Options and in the Select Fields dropdown list select each field you want to show in the results. Click Run to update the displayed results.
    3. To change the reporting time zone used for the report, click Show Options, select the appropriate time zone from the dropdown list, and click Run to update the displayed results.
    4. For SSO reports, you can also use the Application Name dropdown list to select an application as the target of the report.
  4. To export the report in .csv format, click Export. The report is saved in your browser's default downloads folder.
    Exporting the report to .csv may take several minutes to complete, depending on the size of the report.
    Note: The amount of data that can be exported for a report is determined either by duration or quantity. The exported data is limited to either one week's data or 500,000 lines of data. We will use the smaller of the two values.
If needed, modify the report parameters and run the report again.