You might want to temporarily hide a user's service because of security issues or if a user will be absent for an extended period.

For information on disabling a user's PingID access, see PingID user lifecycle management.

  1. Go to Users > Users by Service.

    The Users by Service tab lists all of your users, which you can search or filter by service.

  2. Click to expand the user and display a list of services the user is subscribed to.
  3. Click to expand the service you want to change.
  4. Click the Pencil icon followed by the Temporarily Hide Activity dialog to open the Temporarily Hide Activity popup.
  5. Click Confirm to remove the user from the selected service.

    For single sign-on (SSO) and provisioning, users are shown in the list the next time they sign on. For other services, such as PingID, users must re-register after being disabled.