In the event that a signing certificate expires or is about to expire, you must update the certificate. You must update the certificate for both application connections and your identity bridge.

You can:
  • Update an individual connection. Access the connection in the My Applications list and update its signing certificate.
  • Update multiple connections. Access the certificate and update each connection associated with it via certificate management.
  • Update a signing certificate for a SAML-based identity bridge.
  • Update a signing certificate by issuing a certificate signing request and sending it for signing by a Certificate Authority.
CAUTION: You should coordinate the update of a signing certificate with your Service Providers to ensure that the update does not trigger an outage. We recommend that you contact the SPs before scheduling the update. While it is easy for SPs with self-service capabilities to update their signing certificate, you may need to supply other SPs with the new certificate using other means and coordinate the timing with them, before performing the update.