The certificate expiry date is displayed in the right hand column of the entry. For signing certificates, you can also generate a signing certificate request (CSR).

  1. In the PingOne admin portal, click Setup > Certificates.
  2. Select the type of certificates that you want to view. By default, all certificates are displayed.
  3. Click to expand and display the certificate details for a selected certificate.
  4. You have these options:
    • Properties. View certificate properties, including type, issue date, serial number, Issuer and Subject DN, and the SHA1 and SHA256 fingerprints.

      Click Make Default to make this the default signing certificate for new application connections.

    • Usage. View the application connections or identity bridge associated with the certificate. Click a connection or identity bridge to switch to another certificate (signing certificates), upload a new certificate (verification certificate) or upload a new encryption certificate.
    • CSR. (Signing certificates only). Generate a certificate signing request, and import the CSR response.
    • Share. Share the certificate via email. You're prompted for the user's email address and the user is sent a download link for the certificate.
    • Download. Download the certificate to the default download location used by the browser.