The Identity Repository window allows you to view and edit your AD Connect configuration. You can also use this menu to view and manage the AD Connect agent nodes installed within your infrastructure and connected to your PingOne account.

  • Go to Setup > Identity Repository to view your AD Connect agent nodes.
  • Expand the AD Connect identity repository and click Nodes.
  • Click the agent name to expand the entry and display the following agent node information:
    • Agent name
    • Connection status: Green indicates the agent is up. Red indicates the agent is down.
    • Last seen: The date and time when the agent connection was lost. Only displays if the node is offline.
    • Agent ID: A GUID ID.
    • Datacenters: The data centers connected to the agent.
    • Connected on: The date the agent connection was created.
  • You can also manage each connection in the following ways:
    • Connection: Toggle the agent connection on and off. Disabled agents are still connected, but not used for SSO. Disabling the connection reroutes SSO traffic to other agents. If you disable all node agents then SSO will not function.
    • Delete: Click to delete a disconnected agent.
      Note: You must first disconnect an agent in order to delete it.