In PingOne for Enterprise
  1. On the Review Setup tab, click Download to download the signing certificate.
  2. Copy the Issuer and idpid values.
  3. Click Finish to add Atlassian Cloud to your PingOne for Enterprise Dock.
In Atlassian Cloud
  1. Go to Security > Identity providers and select your PingOne for Enterprise Directory.
  2. Click Set up SAML single sign-on.
  3. Enter your configuration information.
    1. In the Identity provider Entity ID field, enter the Issuer value.
    2. In the Identity provider SSO URL field, enter<your idpid>, where <your idpid> is the idpid value.
    3. In the Public x509 Certificate field, paste the text of the signing certificate you downloaded, including the ----BEGIN CERTIFICATE---- line.
  4. Click Save SAML configuration to activate the connection to PingOne for Enterprise.