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PingOne for Enterprise
PingOne for Enterprise

After completing the Amazon Web Services configuration in the PingOne admin portal, you must authorize PingOne for Enterprise as a SAML provider in the AWS console.

  1. In the PingOne admin console, on the Review Setup tab, click Download to download the SAML Metadata file.
  2. Click Finish to add Amazon Web Services to your PingOne Dock.
  3. In the AWS console, create a SAML provider.
    For information about creating a SAML provider in AWS, see Creating IAM SAML identity providers in the AWS documentation.
  4. In the AWS console, create a SAML role.
    For more information about creating a SAML role in AWS, see Creating a role for a third-party Identity Provider in the AWS documentation.
To configure AWS for multiple roles and accounts, see Configure Amazon Web Services SSO for multiple roles and accounts in the Ping Identity Knowledge Base.