1. In the PingOne for Enterprise admin console, go to Applications > Application Catalog.
  2. Optional: In the Search field, search for the application.
  3. Click the WebEx application line to expand it, and then click Setup.
  4. On the SSO Instructions tab, click Download to download the signing certificate.
  5. In a separate tab or window, sign on to your WebEx account as an administrative user.
  6. In WebEx, go to Site Administration > SSO Configuration.
  7. Click Organization Certificate Management and upload the PingOne for Enterprise signing certificate you downloaded in step 4.
  8. In the single sign-on (SSO) configuration form, enter the following information.



    Federation Protocol

    SAML 2.0

    WebEx SAML Issuer (SP ID)


    Issuer for SAML (IdP ID)

    Enter the IdP ID from PingOne

    Customer SSO Service Login URL

    https://sso.connect.pingidentity.com/sso/idp/SSO.saml2?idpid=<IdP ID>, replacing <IdP ID> with the IdP ID value from PingOne for Enterprise.

    Default WebEx Target Page URL

    Leave blank

    Customer SSO Error URL

    Leave blank

    NameID Format




    SSO Profile

    SP Initiated

    Single Logout

    Leave check box clear

    AuthnRequest Signed

    Leave check box clear

    Auto Account Update

    Leave check box clear

    Remove uid Domain Suffix for Active Directory UPN

    Leave check box clear

In PingOne for Enterprise, click Continue to Next Step.