Use this workflow to guide you in making your applications available to your customers:

  1. Configure your account.
    If you have not already added administrators and branding for your PingOne SSO for SaaS Apps account, start here.
  2. Add a SaaS application.
    When you add an application, you can choose whether the application is to be publicly available or private (available only to selected customers).
  3. Integrate an application.
    How you will integrate your application with PingOne is determined by whether customer SSO to your application is initiated through the identity provider (IdP), or through your service.
  4. Manage partner accounts.
    For managed accounts, you'll set up and administer the PingOne for Enterprise accounts your partners will use to connect to your applications.
  5. Connect customers to your application. You can choose how you want to create the connection, based on your customer use case:
  6. Use auditing event reports and subscriptions to monitor customer use of your applications.
    See Managing reports and subscriptions for more information.