#Example rails controller

class SampleIntegrationController < ApplicationController

  def redirect
    @initSsoUrl = getInitSsoUrl()
    redirect_to @initSsoUrl

  # Implement me! This logic would not ordinarily be in your
  # controller, it is included for convenience sake
  # The saasid value is the GUID associated with the application. This is displayed in parentheses below 
  # the application name on the My Applications page.
  # You will need to replace the saasid value in "${saasId}" in the sample below with the GUID for your application. 
  # For example: @saasid = "18a6ada7-8f37-4d77-86f4-173046796193";
  def getInitSsoUrl
    @saasId = "${saasId}"
    @idpId = "testidp.admin.pingidentity.com" 
    @baseUrl = "${tokenServiceBaseUrl}"
    return "%{baseUrl}/sso/sp/initsso?saasid=%{saasId}&idpid=%{idpId}"  % { :baseUrl => @baseUrl, :saasId => @saasId, :idpId => @idpId }