CAUTION: Before you update a signing certificate with an application, you must ensure that your service provider (SP) has the latest signing certificate. If the SP does not have the updated signing certificate in their system, users will not be able to SSO into the application.
  1. Go to the Setup > Certificates page.
  2. In the certificates list, expand the relevant entry and click Usage to display a list of applications associated with the certificate.
  3. For each application:
    1. Click the application link. The Update Certificate popup window opens.
    2. Select a signing certificate from the dropdown list and then click Save.
    A message is displayed to indicate the certificate has been successfully assigned to the application. The application no longer appears in the list of applications to update.
  4. When you've updated all applications, you can delete the expired (or expiring) certificate by clicking the Delete icon.
    The signing certificate is removed from the certificates list.