• To use the Windows login - passwordless feature, users' computers must be running Windows 10 and must support TPM 2.0.
  • The first time that a user carries out passwordless Windows login, they must be online and connected to the organizational network because certificate enrollment requires a connection to Active Directory. Afterward, there is no need for a connection to the network, and authentication can be carried out online or offline for as long as the certificate is valid.

To install the integration for Windows login - passwordless on your users' computers using the UI-based method:

  1. Run the provided executable, and when the welcome page is displayed, click Next.
    Screen capture of the Setup -Windows Login - Passwordless window that opens after you run the executable
  2. Accept the license agreement and click Next.
    Screen capture of the EULA page with I accept the agreement selected
  3. The settings that must be entered on the Passwordless Sign-on Settings page should be copied from the Configuration tab of the application that you created for Windows login - passwordless in PingOne. If your organization uses a proxy, click Configure Proxy. Otherwise, click Next.
    Screen capture of the Windows login - passwordless Password Sign-on Settngs page
  4. If you clicked Configure Proxy in the previous step, enter the proxy information, click Apply, and when you are returned to the Passwordless Sign-on Settings page, click Next.
    Screen capture of the Windows login - passwordsless Proxy Configuration page
  5. When the Ready to Install page is open, click Install to start the installation.
    Screen capture of the Windows login - passwordless Ready to Install page