1. Open SharePoint Central Administration console and go to Application Management > Manage Web Applications.
  2. Select the Web Application, and then click Authentication Providers.
  3. Click the desired Zone name.
  4. To enable the PingFederateSTS trusted identity provider, go to Claims Authentication Types, and then select PingFederateSTS.
    Edit Authentication window in the PingFederate administrative console.
  5. Go to Sign In Page URL, and then click Custom Sign In Page.
  6. In the Custom Sign In Page field, enter /_trust/?trust=<PingFederate_Trusted_Identity_Provider_name>.
    Sign In Page URL step in the PingFederate administrative console.

    To automatically redirect users to PingFederate for authentication when other authentication providers are configured, you must enter a destination for Sign In page redirection.

  7. Save changes.