To configure the services to communicate with each other:

  1. Open 1Password in a new browser window and select Security from the sidebar.
  2. On the Unlock with Identity Provider card, click Manage configuration.

    A setup wizard opens.

  3. On step 1, you’re prompted to select the name of your identity provider. Select Other and then click Next.
  4. On step 2, you’re prompted to provide the name of your identity provider. Select Ping Identity from the list.
  5. Go to the PingOne SSO browser tab..

    If it’s not already displayed, locate the new OIDC web app that you created in PingOne SSO and click the Configuration tab for the app.

  6. Copy the Client ID to your clipboard, return to 1Passwordless, and paste the ID into the Client ID field.
  7. In PingOne, on the Configuration tab, expand the list of URLs and copy the OIDC Discovery Endpoint to your clipboard.
  8. In 1Password, paste the OIDC Discovery Endpoint URL into the Well-known URL field. Click Next.

    Step 3 of the wizard displays a browser redirect URI and a native app redirect URI.

  9. Copy the Browser Redirect URI value.
  10. In PingOne SSO, on the Configuration tab, collapse the list of URLs and click the Pencil icon to update the application with the redirect URIs.
  11. Paste the browser redirect URI into the Redirects URIs field.
  12. In 1Password, copy the native app redirect URI.
  13. In PingOne SSO, click + Add under the Redirects URIs field, and paste the native app redirect URI into the next redirect URI field.
  14. Click Save.