Use case Description

Authenticating with social media providers

You can authenticate using social media providers as an external identity provider (IdP) using PingOne and PingFederate

Customizing SSO user sign-on windows in PingFederate

You can customize the default single sign-on (SSO) end user sign-on window for PingFederate.

Enabling MFA for your application

Enable an authentication policy that includes multi-factor authentication (MFA) for your applications in PingOne.

Obtaining logging data from PingOne

Learn how to obtain logging data from PingOne.

Setting up an agent in PingAccess

Learn how to set up an agent integration for PingAccess applications.

Setting up an OIDC application in PingFederate

Create a new OAuth or OpenID Connect (OIDC) application in PingFederate.

Setting up and customizing sign-on windows in PingOne

Customize the sign-on window in PingOne to match your company's desired branding and themes.

Setting up password recovery in PingOne

Learn how to set up password recovery for an application using PingOne.

Setting up password reset in PingOne

Learn how to customize the user's sign-on experience by enabling self-service management, such as change password and password reset, in the PingFederate administrative console when using the company's HTML Form sign-on page.

Setting up PingDataSync between Active Directory and PingOne

Learn how to configure PingDataSync for Microsoft Active Directory (AD) to PingOne in a Windows environment.

Setting up PingDataSync between PingDirectory and PingOne

Learn how to set up PingDataSync between PingDirectory and PingOne using installation commands for Linux.