• Register for a PingOne tenant.
  • To use a custom application for MFA, the application must already be configured.
  • Configure an application connection.
  1. In the PingOne dashboard, click Settings.
  2. Go to Authentication > Policies, and then click +Add Policy.
  3. Select an option for the first Step Type.

    There are multiple options depending on how you would like your user experience to be. For this example, Login was selected.

    Screen capture showing Login chosen as the first step type.
  4. Click +Add Step, and then select Multi-factor Authentication.
  5. Select the methods you want to enable for your users.

    If you have created a mobile application for MFA, you will have an option to select the appropriate application to associate to this login logic.

  6. Select pertinent rules to be evaluated when a user is processed through this policy.

    For more information on these options, see Add a multi-factor authentication step.

  7. Review your selections, and then click Save.
  8. Click Connections.
  9. Select the desired connection you want to add your new policy to and click the Pencil icon.
    Screen capture of the Applications window with an application selected and the Pencil icon highlighted.
  10. Click the Policies tab.
  11. Drag and drop your policy from the All Policies list to the Applied Policies list.
    Screen capture of the Policies tab with the All Policies and Applied Policies lists displayed. One policy, shown in dark blue gray, has already been dragged to the Applied Policies list.
  12. Click Save.