Make sure the identity provider (IdP) adapters have their Session State set to Globally in PingFederate.

To revoke global sessions with SLO:

  1. In the PingFederate administrative console, go to Applications > Integrations > Default URLs > SP Default URLs.
  2. To allow TargetResource as a redirect URI in PingFederate, enter and edit the URL in the Provide The Default URL You Would Like to Send The User to When Single Logout (SLO) Has Succeeded field.

    The TargetResource is the landing page PingFederate directs the user to after logout, for example,


    The TargetResource must be an allowed redirect URI in PingFederate.

  3. Click Save.
PingFederate automatically redirects to the PingAccess logout endpoint pa/oidc/logout.