Set up account recovery by modifying an application's Single_Factor policy in the PingOne administrative console or Unified Product Administrator.

  1. Sign on to PingOne and go to Experiences > Authentication Policies.
    Screen capture of the PingOne navigation menu. The menu has Experiences selected with sub-menu options for Authentication Policies, Auth Method Policies, Password Policies, and Risk Policies. The Authentication Policies option is selected.
    The Policies page lists your default Single_Factor and Multi_Factor policies.
    Screen capture of the Policies page with a list of all existing policies in your PingOne configuration.
  2. To modify the Single_Factor policy, click the Expand icon and then click the Pencil icon.
    Screen capture of the expanded Single_Factor authentication policy with a summary of its login, recovery and registration, required when, and presented identity providers configuration details.
  3. In the Recovery & Registration section, select the Enable account recovery check box. Click Save.
    Screen capture of the edit page for the Single_Factor policy. There are modifiable configurations for Login, Recovery & Registration, Requested When, and Presented Identity Providers. The Recovery & Registration section has check boxes for Enable account recovery and Enable registration. The Enable account recovery check box is selected.
  4. To view the connection policies of an application, go to Connections > Applications.
    Screen capture of the PingOne navigation menu. The menu has Connections icon selected with sub-menu options for Application, External IDPs, PingFederate, and Provisioning. The Applications option is selected.
    The Applications page lists all of your existing applications.
  5. Locate the application that contains the connection policy you want to modify, and click the Expand icon.
  6. To modify the application's policies, click the Policies tab and then click the Pencil icon.
    Screen capture of a expanded application. There are tabs for Profile, Configuration, Access, Policies, Attribute Mappings, and Roles. The Policies tab is selected.
  7. To add the Single_Factor policy to Applied Policies, choose one of the following ways:
    • Drag the Single_Factor policy from All Policies to Applied Policies.
    • Click the + icon in the Single_Factor policy.
    Screen capture of the Policies tab with existing policies for All Policies and Applied Policies. The All Policies section has Multi_Factor and Single_Factor listed.
  8. Click Save.
    Screen capture of a dragged Single_Factor policy from the All Policies section to the Applied Policies section. The Single_Factor policy is highlighted waiting for the changes to be saved. There are buttons for Save and Discard Changes.