• Make sure Password Reset Type is set to Text Message in your HTML Form Adapter instance configuration.
  1. Go to Authentication IdP Adapters and, in the Instance Name list, select the adapter instance that you want to use.
  2. Go to the IdP Adapter tab and click Manage SMS Provider Settings.

    A screen capture of the IdP Adapters instance configuration in PingFederate. On the IdP Adapter tab, the user can modify various instance settings by clicking Manage Password Credential Validators, Mange SMS provider Settings, Mange Local Identity Profiles, Manage Notification Publishers, Manage CAPTCHA Settings, or Manage Policy Contracts, as well as Show Advanced Fields to display more configuration settings. To open and edit the SMS Provider configuration, the user clicks Manage SMS Provider Settings. To finalize, edit, or undo any changes, the user clicks Save, Next, Previous, or Cancel.
  3. In the Manage SMS Provider Settings page, edit the Account SID, Auth Token, From Number fields to match your service account. Click Save.

    A screen capture of the Manage SMS Provider Settings window configuration in PingFederate to connect PingFederate to an SMS Provider. The user can edit the Account SID, Auth Token, and From Number fields to match their service account. The user can click Save to save their changes or Cancel to undo any new changes.
    You're returned to the Create Adapter Instance page.
  4. On the Summary tab, click Save.
  5. Go to the Sign On page and click the Trouble Signing On? link.
    A screen capture of the Sign On page. The Sign On page has the username and password fields and Sign On button. If the user is having issues signing on, the Change Password and Trouble Signing On links are provided.
    A text message notification with an OTP is sent to your mobile phone.
  6. In the Account Recovery page, in the Enter Security Code field, enter the OTP. Click Validate.
    You're directed to the Reset Your Password page.
  7. Enter a new password in the New Password and the Confirm New Password fields. Click Reset.

    A screen capture of the Reset Your Password page. The page displays the New Password and Confirm New Password fields, requesting the user to enter and reenter their password change. The user can click Reset to confirm and save the password changes or Cancel to stop the password changing process.