• PingOne
  • PingFederate 10.1

Overview of changing and resetting passwords

The change password capability is helpful when a user knows their password and wants to change it. The password reset capability is helpful when a user forgets their password and wants to use another factor, such as PingDirectory, to authenticate and change their password. This guide covers how to successfully configure password reset and enable change password in the HTML Form Adapter and password credential validator (PCV) framework in PingFederate. PingFederate provides the following password reset methods for self-service password reset:

  • Email one-time link
  • Email one-time passcode
  • Text message
  • PingID

Each method requires additional configuration.


Self-service password reset using the authentication policy method in PingFederate isn't covered in this topic. For more information on the authentication policy method and configuration steps, see Configuring self-service account recovery in the PingFederate Server documentation.

Before you begin

  1. Create an LDAP datastore source connection in PingFederate using LDAPS.
  2. Create a service provider (SP) connection in PingFederate.
  3. Add PingFederate as an identity provider (IdP) to PingOne and configure PingID.
  4. Create an HTML Form Adapter and PingID IdP adapter in PingFederate.
  5. Create a PCV in PingFederate.