Consult with your PingFederate administrators before configuring a Default Authentication Application in a production or shared environment. It may break non-API login flows unless done properly.

  1. In the PingFederate administrative console, go to Authentication > Integration > Authentication API Applications.
  2. Click Add Authentication Application and enter the API Explorer application information.
    Screen capture of PingFederate Authentication API Applications Integration section with information for the API Explorer application filled out.

    The URL field is used solely in the Authentication Portal deployment mode. Clients attempting to authenticate to PingFederate will be redirected to the URL specified here with a flow ID set in query parameters.

  3. Click Save.

    You're redirected to the Authentication API Applications page.

    Screen capture of PingFederate Authentication API Application page with Settings Saved staus bar in the upper right corner.

    There isn't a Default Authentication Application selected. This isn’t necessary in our scenario because the PingFederate configuration you’re working with uses an authentication policy that overrides this setting. However, if you’re working in a configuration that doesn’t use an authentication policy, this setting causes clients to be redirected to the specified application instead of using the PingFederate sign-on page.

  4. Click Save again.