You can change the default settings of the PingOne Dock to customize your users experience or comply with your security requirements.

All of the following settings are optional.

  1. Go to Setup > Dock.
  2. In the Company ID field, enter a company ID.

    The entry in this field becomes part of your PingOne Dock URL, which is displayed in the PingOne Dock URL field.

  3. From the Maximum Session Lifetime list, select the session duration before PingOne signs a user out.
  4. From the Session Idle Timeout list, select the amount of time before PingOne signs off an idle user.

    The default value of - - disables this feature.

  5. Select the Enable Basic SSO box to enable users to vault passwords using the PingOne browser extension.
  6. In the User Support Message field, enter a message that will appear when a user clicks on the Need Help? link on the left navigation pane of the Ping Dock.
  7. For each attribute you want to map, select the attribute to map it to from the list.

    Your IdP automatically maps some attributes, which cannot be changed afterward. The pre-mapped attributes vary depending on your IdP.

    For more information about advanced attribute mapping, see Assign advanced attribute mappings.

  8. Click Save.