Configure the application in PingOne that will use passwordless authentication.
  1. Go to Experiences > Authentication Policies.
  2. Click + Add Policy.
  3. In the Policy Name field, enter a name for your policy.
  4. In the Step Type list, select Multi-factor Authentication.
  5. In the Available Methods section, select the allowed MFA methods for end users.
    The following image shows all of the available MFA methods.
    A screen capture of the PingOne admin console showing all of the MFA check boxes. Every check box in the Available Methods section is selected.

    To enable Mobile Applications, go to Connections > Applications and configure a native application.

  6. In the None Or Incompatible Methods section, select Bypass.

    If Block is selected, users without a paired MFA device can't sign on.

  7. In the Required When section, select when re-authentication will be required, such as when a user is accessing the application from an out-of-range IP address.
  8. Click Save.