• Install PingFederate server running version 8.4 or later
  • Run Office 365 federated domain with appropriate subscriptions
  • Run a functional WS-Federation/WS-Trust connection to Office 365 configured on the PingFederate server
  • Ensure username and Kerberos Token Processors are functional and in use for authenticating Office 365 users.
  • Install Azure AD Connect running for Active Directory synchronization with Azure AD
  • Ensure that you are running the latest version of Azure AD Connect. For more information, see Azure AD Connect
  1. Set up a service connection point using one of the following methods:
  2. Configure the enterprise registration CNAME record on your DNS server. For more information, see the Microsoft product documentation with Create DNS records for O365 using Windows-based DNS
  3. Enable Azure Device Registration Service (DRS).
    1. Open the Microsoft Azure portal.
    2. Go to Azure Active Directory > Devices > Device settings.
    3. In the Users may join devices to Azure AD field, click All.
    4. In the Users may register their devices with Azure AD field, click All. Click Save.