Set up a service provider (SP) connection.

This requires an SP connection. This example is using the website HTTP_BIN as a sample application that PingFederate will send the user to after the custom authentication policy has completed successfully.

  1. Locate an SP Connection that you configured previously to leverage the custom authentication policy.
    1. Go to Applications > SP Connections > SP Connection > Activation & Summary.
  2. Click the SSO Application Endpoint.
    Screen capture illustrating the SSO Application Endpoint URL on the SP Connection Actiation & Summary tab in PingFederate.
    The Sign On window appears.
  3. Enter a valid Username and Password based on your SimpleForm and SimplePCV settings.
    1. Click Sign On.
      Screen capture illustrating the Sign On window redirect from the SSO Application Endpoint.
  4. Approve the sign-on request using multi-factor authentication (MFA), such as your mobile push.
    Screen capture illustrating the MFA push notification.
    • If you entered in a username and password combo that doesn’t authenticate, an error message will display.
    • If you entered in a recognized user in the form, but the user has not yet enrolled in PingID, a registration window will display.