The Identifier First Adapter prompts the user to identify themselves with their email address. Upon submission of the address, the adapter parses out the email domain and subject. You can use the domain information retrieved by the adapter to create policy rule branches. For more information, see Configuring an Identifier First Adapter instance.

  1. In the PingFederate administrative console, go to Authentication > Integration > IdP Adapters.
  2. Click Create New Instance.
  3. On the Type tab, configure the basics of the adapter instance:
    1. Enter the Instance Name and ID.
    2. In the Type list, select Identifier First Adapter.
    3. Click Next.
  4. On the IdP Adapter tab, accept the default configuration and click Next.
  5. On the Extended Contract tab, accept the default configuration and click Next.
  6. On the Adapter Attributes tab, select the Pseudonym check box for the domain attribute. Click Next.
    Screen capture of the Create adapter instance page with the pseudonym check box selected for the domain attribute on the Adapter attributes tab
  7. On the Adapter Contract Mapping tab, click Next.

    The adapter will fulfill the adapter contract by default.

  8. On the Summary tab, verify your adapter's configuration.
    Screen capture of an example summary of a newly created Identifier First Adapter instance
  9. Click Done.
  10. On the Manage IdP Adapter Instances page, click Save.