Configuring the Active Directory domain/Kerberos realm - PingFederate

Use Cases

Use Cases

Configure an Active Directory (AD) domain/Kerberos realm in PingFederate.

  1. In the PingFederate administrative console, go to System > Data & Credential Stores > Active Directory Domains/Kerberos Realms.
  2. Click Add Domain/Realm.
  3. In the Domain/Realm Name, Domain/Realm Username, and Domain/Realm Password fields, enter the appropriate information.
    Screen capture of the Active Directory Domains/Kerberos Realms Manage Domain/Realm window showing the required Domain/Realm Name, Domain/Realm Username, and Domain/Realm Password fields.
  4. Click Test Domain/Realm Connectivity to ensure you can establish a connection, and then click Done.
  5. On the Manage Domain/Realms tab, click Next.
    Screen capture of the Manage Domains/Realms tab.
  6. On the Manage Domains/Realm Settings tab specify settings, such as enforcing TCP, providing debug log outputs, and the domain controller timeouts and retries.
    Screen capture of the Manage Domain/Realm Settings tab showing the optional check boxes for Force TCP and Debug Log Output. It also shows the optional AD Domain Controller/Key Distribution Center Timeout and Ad Domain Controller/Key Distribution Center Retries fields.
  7. Click Save.