Known issues

  • URL encoding in the PingFederateFilter and PingFederateFilterAnonymous isn't supported.
  • In some configurations, Apache fails to load the module, with the following being the last log entry: Deobfuscating password for the password-based keys generation.

    To overcome this issue, ensure the Agent module is loaded immediately after the authz-related modules.

Known limitations

  • Satisfy All isn't supported when used in conjunction with the Allow directive for access control.
  • RequireAll isn't supported.
  • The PingFederateFilter doesn't support:
    • URL encoded characters or non-ASCII characters.
    • Query strings
  • PingFederate Apache Agent relies on path comparison to protect resources. Other modules in Apache such as mod_speling and mod_rewrite can affect the way the PingFederate Apache Agent evaluates resources.
  • To support fragment preservation, the # symbol in URL fragment must be URL encoded.