1. Sign on to the Twitter developer portal Apps page using a Twitter developer account.
  2. On the My Applications Dashboard, create a new Twitter application.
  3. In the Name field, enter the name of the application, such as MyPingFederate.
  4. In the Website field, enter the domain for your web application, such as http://www.example.com.
  5. In the Callback URL field, enter the hostname (or virtual hostname) and port of your PingFederate server followed by the Twitter IdP Adapter instance endpoint, such as https://pf.example.com:9031/ext/twitter-authn.
    Note: The default endpoint is /twitter-authn. If you set a custom endpoint here, enter the matching value in the Authorization Callback Endpoint field of your adapter instance configuration in Configuring an adapter instance.
  6. If your web application will use the access token for subsequent Twitter API calls that require read and write access, set the Default Access Type to Read & Write.
  7. Complete the configuration based on the needs of your specific environment. For help, see Developer Apps in the Twitter documentation.
  8. Click Create your Twitter application.
  9. On the application details page, note the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. You will use these in Configuring an adapter instance