Branding and themes

The options in this section define the look and feel of the self-service portal (MyAccount app). For more information, see Branding and themes.
Apply active theme
Apply the branding and themes configured for the environment to the My Account app.
Show footer
Show the theme’s footer at the bottom of the My Account app.

Self service

The options in this section define the information that the end user will see in the self-service portal (MyAccount app).
Manage profile
Allow end users to edit their own profile attributes. If this option is enabled, end users can modify their name, address, and phone number for example. The specific attributes vary depending on the environment configuration.
Manage authentication
Allow end users to manage the methods by which they authenticate, such as email, security key, text message, or authenticator app.
Important: Users should always include the country code when pairing a device. Phone formats across the globe are constantly expanding and changing. If the country code is not included, issues might occur with message delivery.
Enable or disable MFA
Allow end users to enable or disable multi-factor authentication for their account.
Change password
Allow end users to change their own passwords.
Manage linked accounts
Allow end users to manage the linked accounts that are used during authentication.
Manage sessions
Allow end users to view or sign out of PingOne sessions.
View agreements
Allow users to see the agreements to which they have consented.
Manage OAuth consents
Allow users to view and revoke OAuth consents to which they have agreed.