Google Workspace Provisioner 3.2.1 – March 2023

  • Added support for the addressFormatted user attribute.
  • Fixed an issue that caused new users to not be provisioned with group membership.
  • Fixed an issue where the disable provision action failed to disable users.

Google Workspace Provisioner 3.2 – March 2022

  • Changed the product name to Google Workspace Connector.
  • Added support for Google Admin SDK 1.32.1.
  • Added the ability to disable and delete users.
  • Added the ability to provision disabled users.
  • Added the ability to remove user actions.

Google Workspace Provisioner 3.1.2 – December 2021

  • Changed the product name to Google Workforce Connector
  • No change to the product

Google Workspace Provisioner 3.1.1 – April 2017

  • Fixed synchronization on update of users, that were previously created with "User Create Enabled" set to false in configurable options

Google Workspace Provisioner 3.1 – September 2016

  • Added configuration options for CRUD capabilities
  • Improved exception handling and reporting
  • Added support for Google Admin SDK v1.22.0

Google Workspace Provisioner 3.0.4 – April 2015

  • Fixed bug for orgUnitPath

Google Workspace Provisioner 3.0.3 – April 2015

  • Updated Google Apps Password Manager to use latest API
  • Removed Oauth Helper App in favor of using the Oauth Configuration Service (OCS)
  • Bug Fixes

Google Workspace Provisioner 3.0.1 – October 2014

  • Improved error handling when the SP Connection contains invalid target credentials

Google Workspace Provisioner 3.0 – August 2014

  • Updated Connector to use Google Admin SDK
  • Added support for new User fields
  • Added support for Groups provisioning