You can adapt these instructions to add device profiling to any page, such as the HTML Form Adapter or your web application. The page must meet the criteria listed in Device profiling methods.

  1. Embed the JavaScript files in the page.
    1. If you are modifying an external web application, copy the id_dataweb_device_profiling.js file from the integration .zip archive to a location that your page can access.
    2. Add the following to the sign-on page. Adjust the path to the script file.
      <script type="text/javascript" src="id_dataweb_device_profiling.js"></script>
      Tip: If you are modifying a PingFederate template, the script path is ../assets/scripts/id_dataweb_device_profiling.js.
    3. Save the file.
  2. Optional: In the script file, customize the name prefix for the device profile cookie to suit your environment.
    var cookieName = "idwUUID";
  3. When you complete the steps in Configuring an adapter instance, set the Device profiling method to Captured by a previous adapter. Update the Cookie name field if you customized it above.