Start by signing on PingCentral using single sign-on (SSO). Next, add information about each group, such as the group name, display name, and description to PingCentral. Group names should match the group names in your data store and aren't case sensitive.

If you have a large number of groups to add, you can upload the information into PingCentral in a .csv file. Then, you can add these groups of users to PingCentral applications, which provides application access to each user in the group.

Identities, user groups, and group membership information are managed in your data store. When a user signs on to PingCentral, the groups to which the user belongs are sent as part of the groups claim. PingCentral not only updates its existing group information with information from the data store, but if the claim contains new groups, it adds those groups to PingCentral, as shown in this diagram. It also updates the user profile to reflect current group memberships.

This flowchart illustrates the way group information is updated when users sign on to PingCentral.