When you need to add new protocols, profiles, or use cases, you configure them once to make them available to your entire organization.

PingFederate improves security by creating a single “doorway” through which all identity information must travel regardless of who the users are or in which direction they travel. Internal users accessing external applications and external users accessing internal systems both use the same doorway.

The single-doorway approach provides 100% visibility for all federation activities. PingFederate's extensive auditing and logging capabilities enable you to satisfy all of your logging-related compliance and service-level requirements from a single location, instead of needing to acquire and consolidate disparate logs from throughout your organization.

PingFederate reduces complexity and learning curves by providing a single configuration model supporting different protocols. The administrative console minimizes the potential for errors by guiding administrators through configuration steps applicable only to the business use cases they need to support.

For identity providers (IdPs), PingFederate provides connection templates to automatically configure many steps in the administrative console for several use cases, including setting up SSO connections to selected SaaS vendors. For more information, see Outbound provisioning for IdPs.