1. Unzip the distribution .zip archive and copy this file to the server/default/deploy folder in your PingFederate server installation:
  2. Copy the following file to the Agent Config Location folder, which was created in Step 2 of OAM IdP configuration:
  3. Add the following to run.properties within <PF_HOME>/bin folder:
    Important: Ensure that the Agent Config Location path uses forward slashes (/), as shown above.
  4. Install and configure the OAM Access Server SDK. For information on the Access Server SDK, refer to your OAM documentation.
    Note: The Access Server SDK functions as a gate to the OAM Access Server and some files will need to be copied to the server where PingFederate is running.
  5. Copy the following files from the Access Server SDK to <PF_INSTALL>/server/default/deploy:
    • oamasdk-api.jar
    • opss_standalone/modules/
      • oracle.idm_11.1.1/identitystore.jar
      • oracle.pki_11.1.1/oraclepki.jar
      • oracle.jps_11.1.1/* (all files)
      • oracle.osdt_11.1.1/* (all files)
    Note: The files listed above pertain to the specified version of the OAM SDK in the System Requirements. Other versions may require different files
  6. Start or restart the PingFederate server.