You can test this adapter using the IdP sample application that ships with PingFederate. Follow this procedure to verify adapter functions:

  1. Set up PingFederate to run the IdP sample application according to instructions in the Sample ApplicationQuick Start Guide.
  2. Configure an instance of the OAM SP Adapter (see OAM SP configuration).
  3. Reconfigure the IdP connection to the sample application to use the OAM Adapter instance by deleting the existing adapter instance for the connection and mapping the OAM Adapter instance in its place (see Configuring Adapter Mapping and User Lookup in the PingFederate Administrator’s Manual).
  4. From the Main Menu, click Adapters under My SP Configuration on the Main Menu screen.
  5. Delete the Adapter Instance that was previously used by the sample-application connection.
  6. Configure an OAM 11g Webgate to use the custom authentication plug-in.
  7. Access an OAM protected resource within the OAM 11g Webgate from the previous step. You should arrive at the IdP sample application’s login page.
  8. Add at least one of the users in the username drop-down list to the OAM Identity Manager. Refer to your OAM documentation for more information.
    Alternatively, you can add users already in OAM Identity Manager to the sample application’s user-properties file (see the Quick Start Guide for the location of this file).
  9. Add the same user(s) to the Authorization Rule in the Policy Domain governing the protected Web page.
  10. On the IdP sample application’s login page, log in with a username managed by OAM.
You should be allowed access to OAM-protected Web page.