PHP Integration Kit 2.5.2 – January 2016

  • Updated sample application data archive.

PHP Integration Kit 2.5.1 – December 2012

  • Updated to address security issue found since the previous release.
  • Added support for the 2.5.1 version of the OpenToken Adapter and OpenToken Agent.
  • Added Support for PHP 5.4.8.
  • Added Namespaces to the PHP OpenToken Agent.

PHP Integration Kit 2.4 – March 2010

  • Added token Reply Prevention to the OpenToken IdP Adapter Advanced Settings.

PHP Integration Kit 2.3 – November 2008

  • Added POST Transport Method for OpenToken when used by a service Provider.
  • Added configuration to specify session cookie vs. persistent cookie.
  • Added option to set the “Secure” attribute on an OpenToken when cookie is used.
  • Correctly handles null parameters for SOAP SLO.
  • Empty query string (?) is not automatically appended to the URL when redirecting to TargetResource.
  • TargetResource URL is URL encoded.

PHP Integration Kit 2.2 – June 2008

  • Added support for SAML 2.0 isPassive and ForceAuthn.
  • Enforced UTF-8 encoding within the OpenToken adapter.
  • Combined the OpenToken adapter and OpenToken Java library jar files into a single adapter file for easier deployment to PingFederate.

PHP Integration Kit 1.2 – December 2007

  • Repaired OpenToken decoding to correct bit unpacking issue.
  • Added Agent Toolkit API HTML documentation.

PHP Integration Kit 1.1 – December 2007

  • Added support for sending and receiving multi-value attributes in the SAML assertion.

PHP Integration Kit 1.0 – November 2007

  • Initial release.