1. On your PHP server, use the phpinfo() function to check that the cURL, mcrypt, zlib, and mhash extensions are installed.
  2. Check that your PHP server is configured to process files with a .php extension.

    On the Apache HTTPD server, you can use the AddType command to add the extension:

    AddType application/x-httpd-php .php

    This step is not needed on the built-in PHP web server.

  3. From the integration .zip archive, copy the dist/pingidentity/opentoken directory to your PHP include path as /opentoken.
  4. Change AGENT_CONFIG_FILE in the pingidentity/opentoken/helpers/config.php file to point to the location of the agent-config.txt file that you saved in Configuring an OpenToken SP Adapter instance.

    On Windows, use the network-path syntax:


  5. To avoid internationalization compatibility issues, enforce UTF-8 encoding by explicitly specify default_charset=utf8 in your PHP server's php.ini file.