Field Name Description

User Create

Selected (default) – PingFederate creates users in Workplace.

Cleared – PingFederate does not create users in Workplace.

User Update

Selected (default) – PingFederate updates existing users in Workplace. PingFederate can also re-enable disabled users.

Cleared – PingFederate does not update existing users in Workplace.

User Disable

Selected (default) – PingFederate disables users in Workplace.

Cleared – PingFederate does not disable users in Workplace.


If any of the above options are cleared, PingFederate logs a warning in the user workflow section of provisioner.log when the related action fails.

Provision Disabled Users

Selected (default) – PingFederate creates users in Workplace with a "disabled" status.

Cleared – If a user has a "disable" status, PingFederate does not create the user in Workplace.

UserName Attribute Mapping

The Active Directory attribute to map to the UserName attribute in Workplace. When provisioning, PingFederate uses this to match each user's manager between Active Directory and Workplace.

The default value is mail.

This selection must match the mapping on Manage Channels > Channel > Attribute Mapping > userName in your provisioning connection configuration.