1. Click Applications and then go to Applications > Applications.
  2. Click + Add Application.
  3. Complete the fields.

    For more information, see Application field descriptions.

  4. Click Save.

    Save & Go to Resources lets you configure additional application resources. For more information, see Adding application resources.


    When you save the application, PingAccess verifies that the redirect URI for the application's virtual host is configured in PingFederate. If PingAccess determines that the redirect URI is not defined, you will see the following warning:

    Save succeeded. Unable to find a matching Redirect URI in the PingFederate OAuth Client configuration for [<VHost>/pa/oidc/cb]

    If you see this warning, ensure that there is a redirect URI that matches your configuration. If you have a wildcard in your virtual host configuration, ensure the redirect URI list includes the same wildcard host definition, otherwise you might have a configuration that is only valid in some circumstances.

    This validation is performed if the Application Type is Web or Web + API, a Web Session is selected, and the PingFederate Administration connection is configured.