PingAccess provides the following mechanisms for obtaining resource metrics:

  • Java Management Extensions (JMX)Java Management Extensions (JMX)JMX Java technology that provides tools for managing and monitoring applications, devices, system objects, and service-oriented networks. - Ping recommends using JMX MBeans because this method provides a more comprehensive set of resource metric counters for analyzing performance. Several tools are available for collecting and analyzing data from JMX MBeans, including many security information and event management (SIEM) tools, such as Splunk.

  • Heartbeat endpoint - For more information about enabling heartbeat message reporting, see Heartbeat endpoint.

Monitoring discusses the JConsole monitoring tool that is included with the Java SE platform. For more information about the Comprehensive JConsole, see Troubleshoot with the JConsole Tool in the Oracle Java Development Kit (JDK)Java Development Kit (JDK)JDK A development environment for building applications and components using Java. documentation and The Java Monitoring and Management Console (jconsole) in the OpenJDK documentation.