When you select a new license file to import, PingAccess compares the new license file's attributes with the current license attributes before installing it. The UI displays a warning ribbon on the page in certain cases, such as if the uploaded license will expire sooner than the current license.

If the new license is acceptable, you can commit it and successfully replace the old license.

  1. Click Settings and then go to System > License.
  2. Click Import License.
  3. Click Choose a File to select a license file.

    The UI will display a warning ribbon for the following cases:

    • Expiration date:
      The new license is set to expire on a date earlier than that of your current license.
    • Expired:
      The new license is already expired.
    • License version:
      The major version of the license doesn't match the current version of PingAccess.
    • Max Applications:
      The new license is limited to support fewer applications than your current license.
  4. To import the selected license, click Import.

    If you select the wrong license, you can alter your selection either by clicking Remove to remove the selected license from the Import License section of the page, or by clicking Choose File to select a different license file.

  5. To install the selected license, click Confirm.