Accessing SP connections - PingFederate - 11.1

PingFederate Server

PingFederate Server
PingFederate 11.1

The SP Connections window lists all service provider connections and displays up to 20 connections at a time. As needed, you can use the pagination controls to navigate through your connections, narrow connections by protocol type or status, or search for connection by name or ID.

A connection is included in the search results so long as its name or ID is a partial, case-insensitive match to a search term.
  • Go to Applications > Integration > SP Connections.
  • To edit a connection, select the connection by its name. For the setting you want to make a change, select the corresponding window title and then follow the configuration wizard to complete the task.
  • To create a connection, click Create Connection and follow the on-screen steps.
  • To copy a connection, click Select Action > Copy and then follow the on-screen steps.
    This is most useful if the new connection and the source connection share many common setting values.

    PingFederate doesn't include outbound provisioning configurations in connection copies. For more information, see Configuring outbound provisioning.

  • To export a connection, click Select Action > Export Connection and then save the XML file as prompted.

    This is useful in situations where you want to make a backup of a connection prior to changing it.

  • To import a connection, click Import Connection. For more information, see Importing a connection.

    If the connection already exists, you have the option to overwrite the existing connection.


    Prior to the import, you can modify the XML file to suit your needs. The XML file can also be imported to another PingFederate environment acting in the same federation role (IdP) at your site. The source and the target must run the same version of PingFederate.

  • To export metadata for any SAML Browser SSO connection, click Select Action > Export Metadata and then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • To update a SAML Browser SSO connection, click Select Action > Update with Metadata, then follow the on-screen instructions. For more information, see Importing SP metadata.

    You can update a connection via a metadata XML file or a metadata URL.


    The update operation might require additional configuration. Review the connection after the update operation.

  • Click the toggle to enable or disable a connection.
  • To remove a connection, click Select Action > Delete.
  • To override the verbosity of runtime transaction logging for all SP connections, click Show Advanced Fields and the select the desired override option.
    Override option Description

    Select this option and let the per-connection Logging Mode configuration determine the amount of information PingFederate records in the runtime transaction log.

    This is the default selection.


    Select this option, followed by one of the four logging modes, to set the verbosity of runtime transaction logging for all SP connections. This is most useful when troubleshooting an issue that affects multiple connections.

  • To turn off automatic multi-connection error checking, click Show Advanced Fields > Disable Automatic Connection Validation check box.

    This check box is not selected by default.

    Once selected or cleared, the state of this setting is also reflected on the Authentication > Integration > IdP Connections window.

    For more information about this advanced setting and its impact, see Configuring automatic connection validation.

  • To keep your changes, click Save.
  • To discard your changes, click Cancel.